Monday, September 10, 2012


Sneezing happens to a lot people when they are sick or allergic to something. I sneeze a lot at home but never at school. Did you know that when you sneeze a lot of spit and sometimes your snot come out of you know what? When you sneeze you should cover you mouth with your hands or with your elbow.

Most people sneeze if they're allergic to cat’s or dog’s. I am very lucky that I am not allergic to dogs because they are my favorite pets. Did you know that everyone sneezes everyday.

When you sneeze a lot of stuff come out of your nose and mouth. I only sneeze if dust goes up my nose because that’s the only thing I’m allergic too. When you're close to someone and you sneeze on them, that person that you sneezed on will actually wipe it and walk away from you.

My solution to sneezing is that when you sneeze you can look at the sun and it will go away.

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