Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting Into Trouble

Every time I get in trouble, I get really scared because if my parents find out about the bad thing I did I will most likely to get a smack, ha ha ha just kidding. The last thing I did to get in trouble is when I made a hole in the wall, but I really didn't get in trouble because my parents don’t know about it yet. I hate getting in trouble because when my little sister know she goes to my dad and tells on me. But now whenever she gets into trouble I tell on her, I don’t like to tell on my sister but I have to because it is always payback!!!!

Sometimes when something of my dads is missing he always blames it on me, if it was mine then I would tell him JOKES!!!!!! The people I get in trouble from is my parents, teachers, and others. When I get into trouble I sometimes have a fight with someone or smash a window and sometimes punch the wall!!!!!

Next time when you get into trouble don’t copy me!!!

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