Friday, May 17, 2013


1. How many eggs do NZers consume (eat) per day?
Two and a Half Million

2. Complete the table to show what you know about the different ways that eggs are produced:

Where & how do the chickens live?
Live in a cage. Never go outside and never see the sunlight.
They live outside in grassy places and can dust bath, stretch their wings and run around.
They live inside a barn and can do the same as free range hens and it can also perch.
What & how do the chickens eat?
Chicken Feed
They eat worms,grass and little bugs so it can have more flavour in the egg.
Chicken Feed
Is anything artificial (fake) added to the chickens food? What? Why?
Food agents are added to the chickens feed
worms,grass and little bugs so it can have more flavour in the egg.

Is this type of egg expensive or cheap?
Is this a humane (good) way for the chickens to live and produce eggs? Why? Why not?
Yes and no, yes because it’s easy for the eggs to roll and no because the hens have to kludge onto the cage because the cage is on an angle
Yes because whenever they need to lay an egg they just walk into a little shed and lay there eggs.
Yes because they have a lot of space.
How are the eggs collected?
they are rolled onto a conveyer belt.
they are picked by hand
picked by hand

3. So what is the main difference between caged and free-range eggs?
cage does not have that much space but the F-R have a lot of space

4. What do you think is the best and most humane way to produce eggs? Why?Caged because it is much more cheaper

5. Which is the cheapest way to produce eggs?
Caged because it is much more cheaper

4. Has the video changed your thinking about eggs and how they are produced? Why? Why not?Yes because each year New Zealanders eat 920,000,000 eggs which is two and a half million eggs per day

5. Do you think it will change the way your parents (or you in the future) will buy and eat eggs? Why? Why not?No because my parents always but caged eggs!!!

6. What are the main health benefits of eating eggs? (Why are they good for us? They are healthy and good for us because it has a lot of nutrition inside it.

7. How do you like your eggs? (fried? scrambled? poached?)

8. Share a link to a healthy recipe that uses eggs. OR create a google presentation with at least 3 - 4 healthy recipes that include the use of eggs and share on your blog.

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