Friday, May 10, 2013

Holiday Highlight

As I turned on the big screen I saw that a Rugby League game was on. I saw that the Roosters were playing against the Panthers, I wondered which team was going to win!! When the game started the Roosters team was really pumped for the game. They tackled a lot of the panthers players really hard.

I was so happy when the Roosters scored the first try because I wanted them to win the match. As the league game carried on only a few minutes later and the panthers scored a try, they also got their conversion over. After 23 minutes the Roosters struck back with another fantastic come back try. 6 minutes has passed and the buzzer went for half time.

As soon as both teams returned they were ready to play. I got really tired when I was watching the game so I turned off the television because I got board. But in the end I searched for the results on the internet and I found out that roosters badly thrashed panthers.

I wonder which team is going to play the Sydney Roosters next?

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