Friday, May 24, 2013

Obesity Report

Obesity is a type of disease which is mostly caused in a little city in America called Indiana!! This disease is not just caused in Indiana it is also caused around the world. Obesity is one of the most biggest problems around the world because a lot people die from it.

Obesity is a type of disease when a person eats more than than they’re meant too!!
They have got a sedentary lifestyle & they also have a bad diet.

A lot of obese people become larger and larger because they are overeating and are extremely addicted to food. They eat a large portion of food everyday like Fizzy Drinks, Burgers, Fries, Ice Cream and a lot of other junk foods.

People are so big and obese in America that they have to make larger coffins for when they pass away. The youngest age for a obese person to die in the U.S was 11 years old. A lot of people die from this disease.

There are a lot of sicknesses and diseases you could get from obesity like, diabetes, heart disease, heart attack and sometimes you could be short of breath.

The first obese country in the world is Mexico, Second America and last but not least New Zealand. NZ is the third obese country in the world because a lot of the pacific people come here for a better lifestyle and live well. A lot of pacific Islanders are large because they eat a lot of cheap food which is like, Takeaways and all the deep fried food.

If you are a child and you are slightly overweight, you could actually lose all of that and start thinking about the future. You don’t want to become obese and have a bad diet or have a sedentary lifestyle!!!

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  1. Hi Uili. You have a good report on obesity. You had good facts and presented interesting information. Keep it up. Looking forward to reading another post from you very soon.