Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Meeting the NZ Breakers

Only 80 people could go and see the breakers. I was so happy to see so many people that were coming to meet the breakers. As we walked down to the Tamaki Recreation Center, we saw that there were no Nz Breakers team to be seen. “Hey Point England” the tall man said to us with excitement. “Hey” we all said to him with joy.

As soon as we sat down in the big hall, we were told to move to the edges of the court because the breakers were going to be playing where we were all sitting. “Alright class 1 walk quietly to the wall” Miss Va'afusuaga said.

When everyone from our school were seated more schools arrived to the breakers. “When CJ Bruton walks through that door everybody say his name really loud” the tall man said. “The Breakers are here” I said to my friends.

All the players came running through the door, but the last one was CJ Bruton. “CJ BRUTON” everybody screamed. Nearly the whole team were giants. Some kids got picked from the schools that were there to play a basketball game against the NZ Breakers. It was a really funny game because the school players were short and if you were to compare it with the Breakers team they were probably twice their size. We played a lot of games with the Breakers team, it was really fun.

After the games were over the Breakers handed out a booklet to all of us. We got to get it signed by all of the breakers team. I hope I could do this again.

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