Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to Play Rugby

How to Play Rugby

Rugby is New Zealand's national sport and was invented by William Webb Ellis in 1823.

The first thing that happens in a rugby game is the kick off. There are only fifteen people in a team. Everyone that is in the team has to be behind the kicker otherwise it is the other teams ball. Once the kicker has kicked the ball the team chases it. When the other person from the other team has caught the ball you would have to try and tackle the person who is running with the ball.

When the person is on the ground the forwards come into the ruck and try to get the ball. The forwards are the ones who do the scrum, lineout and the rucks. Once the ball is out the halfback picks it up and passes it to the first five and the backs try to set up a move. The backs are First-five, Second-five, Centre, Wingers on both sides and the Full-back. They are the ones who always set up tries and get runaways.

Once the first five has the ball, he dummies the second five then passes it to the centre. The centre then draws the players from the other team to him and then he does a bullet pass to the winger which gets a try. The wingers on both sides are really fast.

As the person dives underneath the pole for the try the kicker quickly gets ready for the conversion. After the kick is over it is half-time. You could do a lot of mistakes when you play rugby like Knock-on’s, Turnovers in the ruck and stepping out.

Next time you're playing rugby and you forget the rules just read my writing!!

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