Thursday, March 20, 2014

Empathy Posters


This term we made posters about empathy. We got to pick pictures from the internet and Miss Paget printed them out. Unfortunately, Miss Paget didn’t print my photo’s out so I had to just draw it with crayons and pastels. Luckily Miss Paget printed out spare photo’s. All of the people who didn’t have pictures had to go to her then they all grabbed the pictures and the only thing I got was a picture of shoes. But at least I had a photo.

It didn't really matter if I had pictures or not because there were pastels and I just drew the pictures instead. The color of my background was yellow and I drew the word empathy across my paper.

I drew shoes to show that whenever somebody’s feeling left out just put yourself in there shoes.
I tried to draw my letters bigger on my paper but not to big I didn’t want to take up the whole space.

When our posters were done Miss Paget stapled them on the wall for the whole class to look at.

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