Friday, June 21, 2013

Creativity Reflection

I felt really happy that I chose filming because I love doing it and I got to do it with my friends. I felt so excited because I got to act and film, but the cool thing was I haven’t got to video a movie in a really long time.

The first most interesting thing this week I noticed was  everyone that acted in a movie was wearing a costume. The second thing I noticed was there was less people in the filming group than the Drawing and Art group.

The thing I did not enjoy was the weather because it was so muddy outside and it always rains. But that didn’t stop us from filming.

The thing I enjoyed was acting in the movie because it was the first movie I have ever acted in this term. The second thing I really enjoyed was that I could see everyone having fun and enjoying what they were doing.

I learnt how to cut off the music on imovie. The second thing I learnt was how to use a flipvideo.

The thing I need to work on for next time is preparing the costumes for my act and to manage my time very wisely.

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