Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My School

Learning at school is really hard and REALLY REALLY BORING. Sometimes it would be really fun if we played sport or play online games. My favourite part of school is home time because you can go back home and stay there until the next morning. The cool thing about my school is that we have mini laptops called netbooks. They are really different because netbooks are small but if you compare it to a macbook pro you can really see the difference.

My school gets a lot of visitors that come from all around New Zealand, the reason why they come to our school is because they want to know how we use netbooks and how we treat them like. Sometimes people come to our school just to talk to us and look at us use our netbooks. Soon we will get a new flash laptop which will be much more bigger and the internet will work faster than a netbook.

We do all our school work and home work on our netbooks. The sad thing is that only year 5 students and up are allowed to get one. The first time I got my netbook was last year, it was so cool and I was really excited. When we turned it on for the first time we counted down. A lot of people were really happy and my friends and I were too.

I wonder who I’m going to give my netbook to when I get my new one.

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  1. Hello Uili
    WOW school is cool I love school too we come school to learn with our teachers and friends it is fun commenting on your blog is fun.

    Have a great day.