Monday, August 13, 2012


Last week my class and I went to harold for the first time this term. For people who don’t know harold, harold is a giraffe which travels to schools around New Zealand and teach them about things that the children don’t know about. I was so excited to see harold because I hadn’t seen him since last year. Harold has a friend which is called Lynn. Lynn helps harold do things, Lynn is like Harold’s mother.

The stuff we learn in harold is things that we should put in our bodies and things we should not. We watched a video that was about a boy called Alex, it was about him making bad and good choices. He made a lot of bad choices in the start, but then he started to make very good choices in the end. I really enjoyed watching the video about Alex.

When we finished watching the video about Alex, we learnt about things that are good for us and bad that we should not use. I was really shocked when Lynn said that there was an Aussie Motorbike rider which drank eight red bull drinks. The Aussie motorbike rider drank so much that his heart stopped pumping. How horrible is that, so little children do never drink energy drinks because you might die or your heart might stop pumping.

I can’t wait to got to harold next year, I wish Harold stayed at our school.

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  1. Wow

    was it fun and learning different bodies part's and was it cool doing different stuff at Harold.

    Wow next time you could talk about the bodies part's.