Monday, July 16, 2012

Immersion Assembly

Today was the first day of school and I only wanted to go because I wanted to play on my netbook. When the bell rang I knew straight away that we were going to the hall for Immersion Assembly. I really like the first assembly of the term because some of the teachers dress up and they sometimes make movies.

The first item was given by Team 1. They made a video which was about Dick Quax and Yvonne Williams. They were both in the Olympics and both represented NZ. The cool thing was that Mrs George actually got to meet them. Yvonne competed in the long jump at the Olympics and Dick raced in the 5000 metres run. Dick got a silver medal, but Yvonne got a gold.

My favourite movie was Team 4’s because my teacher was in it and he wanted to hunt fish with his spear gun but the olympics offered him synchronised swimming instead. Miss Garden was going to swim for the Olympics and she said that she has been practicing in the bathtub. All the performances and movies were so cool to watch. I wonder what next term’s theme is going to be?


  1. Hey Uili I liked reading your work it was interesting story. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hwy Uili

    Your recount about the Immersion Assembly was really interesting. I liked team 4 as well. your picture was really detailed. keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Uili I like you running picture.