Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Touch Rugby

As Mrs Lagitupu told us that we were going to play Touch Rugby I was so excited because I like playing touch with my friends. We had touch every Thursday after morning tea. Our class coach for touch was Kevin, he was really friendly and likes to play touch. He is also from the Ackland touch team. The first drill Kevin wanted us to do was a game called Turbo Touch. Turbo Touch was a really cool game because the only thing that is different to normal touch is that you could pass the ball forward.

Coach said that we had to get into tems and so we did, I was in the yellow team and we were first up against A$AP. They were a really good team because they were really fast and they were also really fit. Kevin blew the whistle and as he did A$AP passed the ball everywhere and just like that they got the first try. I was really annoyed because we got sent off the field and the other team played.

My team and I were really tired when we got sent off because whenever they ran we would always chase them but never catch up to the person. As my team was huffing and puffing I was thinking of a strategy. My team got called to the field for our second game, I was really excited. We were up against the yellow team and I actually thought that we were going to win. GUESS WHAT!!!!!! I got my first try and I was so happy :) At the end of the day my team won our second round.

I love to play sport’s how about you?

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