Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fia Fia Assembly

It was really funky last friday morning because assembly was really packed and because their were a lot of performances like fia fia, drumming, singing, and a lot more. I was really nervous because I was one of the performers, I told some other performers that if they were nervous I told them just to get a drink of water or go outside for some fresh air. When we were just about to sing Mr Jacobsen said that there was no sound track so we had to sing an a cappella, it was actually not that bad. When I sang I felt really happy as happiness surrounded me.

I really liked the fia fia performances because there was one performance that I really liked and that was the bollywood dance which Dhara and Saadiya participated in. As the dragon head flew onto the stage I mean walked onto the stage a lot of the little kids were amazed and so was I, the last time I saw the dragon head was 2010.

As Mr Barks danced  to Levi,Lave and Tana’s drumming the students started to burst out
laughing, even the teachers!!!! It was really cool when Gabriel performed a maori performanced with a taiaha, as swang the taiaha he walked to the edge of the stage and kneeled on one knee. I also like Kingston and Makarita’s part as well.When Kingston blew the big shell that was Makarita’s que, she did a samoan dance and while she was dancing she was also dancing with a weapon which is found in samoa.

When Makarita finished the dragon head walked on the stage and the person holding the dragon head was Crusader. As they slowly went off the stage the music changed to bollywood music and it actually sounded really cool. Dhara and saadiya were dressed in a indian dress which looked really nice.

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  1. Hi Uili

    Thank you for your wonderful recount about our fiafia assembly. One of my favourite moments at assembly was when you, Henry and Hosanna sang. You are so talented and your voice is absolutely beautiful! What a gift to have! Great writing.