Friday, August 1, 2014

Kings Rugby

Yesterday our year 8 rugby team travelled to King Prep School to play against them in rugby. We were very lucky because Kings school gave us a free ride to their school and back. When we arrived most of our rugby boys were staring at how big the school was. I thought it looked  bigger than Tamaki College.

As we made it to the field some of our boys didn't like the field because it had fake grass. As we warmed up we were looking at the Kings team. As they kicked off I felt nervous because it was my first time playing prop. The first scrum was really uncomfortable because the other props and hookers were short so it was hard for me. As the game went we scored the first try of the game. And straight after Kings scored as well.

At half-time we were still in the lead , but our half-back and our first-five were injured so we had to make a few changes. Kings was the hardest team we had ever played against. It was a really tough game but we managed to pull through and win 26-24. When we said our cheers we walked over to them and our captain thanked them for giving us a free ride. He also thanked them all for a tough game.

When we were riding back to school all the rugby boys were exhausted and wanted to go home early. I hope we can play them again.

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