Thursday, November 1, 2012

Two Soldiers On a Mission

One sunny morning two soldiers were sent from Turkey to america so they can show american's how to cross the road. It was a long journey for the to get to america because they came on a boat. They faced a lot of challenges like fishing and looking for water. As they came closer to America they saw a lot of cargo ships and fishing boats. They were so happy that day.

When they settled into there new hotel in America they were so hungry and thirsty. They were really lucky because the hotel's food was free and same as the drinks. The hotel's name was called the Swiff Para, I didn't know why they called it that but at least they have a name for the hotel.

As the two soldiers saw a crossing they quickly ran to it. When they were started to cross the road they first ran down a big hill and when they did it they face planted on to the road. They were really lucky because if there was a car coming or even a truck they would of been flat mates.

Next time you see a pedestrian crossing would you act like your best at crossing or will you look before you cross.

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