Friday, November 4, 2011

Ice Cream Comets

Looking at the food that was on the table I wondered what we were going to do. As Miss King told us that we were going to make comets out of ice cream and biscuits a lot of people were very excited.

If you would like to make a comet you will need ice cream, crunched up biscuits and a cone. So you would put the sprinkles in your hands and put the ice cream in your hands too. don’t forget to roll the ice cream up , then smash the cone on.

As we ran outside and sat down in our groups, I just wanted to grab the food and eat it , but I wasn’t allowed. When the group Outer Space got theire turn to make ice cream comets, I kind of got jealous because it looked so delicious.
Walking up to get my turn Miss King put a scoop of ice cream in to my hands, it felt cold as it dripped through my fingers. As I went to Whaea Janeille to get my cone, she smashed it on my hands.

It was so gross because I had to put the ice cream on my cone with my hands leaving a sticky mess on my fingers. Licking the ice cream comet it melted very fast. I just put the whole thing into my mouth and chewed it until it was crushed in to small pieces.

My class enjoyed that afternoon for sure. It is a really fun thing to make at home.

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  1. Hello Uili! It sounds like everyone in your class enjoyed the frozen comets! You were brave putting the whole thing in your mouth... did your head hurt from brain freeze? Your description is very good. Well done.