Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Do you Imagine your own world?, well thats we did. I was relaxing on my fantasy island, I gazed at the beautiful horizon. As I walk, I noticed that the sand was made of powdered sugar. Happiness surrounded me.


  1. Hi Uili nice paragraph you did there.Theres just one said ,Well thats we did.but either than that it was all great.I like the way you talked about your fantasy world. Great story

    By Esrah

  2. Hey Uili,
    I like your imaginary island I imagine I have a imaginary Island to but its full with animals and Esrah is right you do have a mistake where it says well thats we did. I like it its really good especially your picture you drew it really good your getting there with your art work well see you later and fix up your mistake ok.

  3. Hello Uili

    I sometimes do but mine is a huge candy island with the clouds as candy floss and my house made of biscuits but i would like to be at your world on a weekend.

    from Isara