Wednesday, March 16, 2011

YR 5 and YR6 camp

Did you know that it was the first day of camp and we went to the fantastic pools swim arama. When I went on the hydro slide it was the scariest thing I've ever went on because it was dark and you can sometimes whack you're head on the side. After that I went at this place where their was water squirting everywhere.

Then I went in the kids pools and I was splashing the water at my friends , I was also tackling my friends too. I went to the changing room to change. While I was changing I saw that I lost my towel but lucky it was at the lost property. It was kind of stink because we had to go back to school and I was sad.


  1. I like yore story it is very Interesting keep up the good werk

  2. Hey Uili, were you really scared of the hydro slide.Yea it was scary i went down it too and I bumped my head.Keep up the good work.From Robert