Friday, February 18, 2011


Guest what? Instead of doing work we played t-ball with cola. He is a pro at t-ball.
We learned that when you're running to the home base you have to step on the mat.
When it was my turn I swung the bat and hit the ball so far that nearly everyone ran to it and I had a home run. When I was running to the bases I squashed the cone. When I stepped on the mat the ball was still not there.
When everyone finished Cola told us that no one really stepped on the mat. After that we went back to class.
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  1. Hi Uili Your story was great about Baseball. It was a great game to play. I don't think that you need to play Baseball. Do you get what I mean.

    By Levi

  2. Hi Uili, your writing is very different from now. You have improved allot, you have whole paragraphs now. I think that you have some information that shouldn't be there. Apart from that, it is a good story.